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Deep Clean - 360 Cleaning Services

Deep Clean - 360 Cleaning Services

What does 'deep clean' really mean, what does it include and why should you think about having it done?

360 Services Group are now cleaning approximately 30 properties a day in Peterborough, Stamford, Deeping and their surrounding areas. Due to the recent increased vehicle fleet and trained cleaners we have the capability to complete one off deep cleans either as periodic cleans or before commencement of a regular domestic cleaning service.

A Deep Clean or a Total Clean as we sometimes name it, takes approximately four to five times longer than a standard clean simply because of the level of cleaning and the detail that is undertaken. Our deep clean service includes some of the following tasks on top of our standard service.

- Dust and damp clean wipe of window frames. 
- Dust and damp wipe clean of doors and door frames. 
- Dust and damp wipe clean of radiators. 
- Damp Clean and polish of internal window sills, and windows. 
- Light switches & sockets dusted and damp wipe cleaned. 
- Clean of accessible and exposed pipework.
- Clean of accessible woodwork and furniture. 
- Door handles cleaned, polished and disinfected.

When completing deep cleans around Stamford, Deeping and Peterborough we often service these with 3-4 cleaning team members. There are many reasons and benefits to this service except for the obvious;

1: Hygiene

There’s only so much your regular dusting, vacuuming and mopping can take care of. A deep-clean lets you explore areas that are not visible to the naked eye. It also keeps the ever-multiplying bugs and unwelcome bacteria at bay. Let your home shine and sparkle in a healthy way.

2. Make Your Home Child-Friendly

With many dust particles, toxic substances and harmful bacteria all around your home, kids are more prone to diseases, allergies and infections. If you have children at home, a home deep clean, could be one of your best investments. Once you’ve childproofed your house, let your kids create a mess, get dirty, they’re kids, after all, free play is good for their growth & development. At regular intervals though, get your home deep cleaned without having to worry about it.

3. A Clean Home Creates A Clear Mind

As strange as it may sound, organised homes give way to organised thoughts, neat & clean homes give way to innovative ideas and clearing your house may actually mean clearing your mind. You now know what to do to create a clear mind and how beneficial it can be.

4. Long Term Investment In Your Home

A clean home can speak volumes about your personality and how you live your life. Cleanliness adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your house along with other elements such as décor & furnishings. Also, periodic maintenance by deep cleaning increases the shelf life of your carpets, sofas, curtains and mattresses, etc.

So what are you waiting for contact us today on 01733 302 912 or complete this simple form for a quote.

 Client review – Christie, Deeping St Nicholas

Client review – Christie, Deeping St Nicholas

We have never used a cleaning company before and were unsure what we needed to do but of all the companies we spoke to, 360 Services Group was the only
company to offer to come to our house. James and Simon were extremely helpful, detailing all the rooms and took all our needs into consideration, even accommodating our black Labrador and knew immediately who would work best for our house and our family. On arriving home after the clean we were thrilled with the results and the attention detail was surprising, even down to stickers on the toilet rolls!! We would absolutely recommend 360 Services Group and are looking forward to many more fantastic cleans!

Six Dirtiest places in your home

Six Dirtiest places in your home

Following the festive season when our homes have been more heavily occupied than usual, Director

James Dawson highlights the top six dirtiest places that need attention fast.


1. Bathroom: Bath mats are an obvious area for bacteria to flourish. Soaked with shower water

and pressed up against the floor, one of the most contaminated areas in the bathroom, mats

slow evaporation and provide a home for mold and bacteria.


2. The TV remote control: A hygiene study carried out for a hospital found that the remote

control was three times dirtier than anything else in the room.


3. Phones: A potential risk for infection largely dependent upon the personal hygiene of the

owner. One study found that one in six mobile phones to be contaminated with bacteria

normally associated with a toilet.


4. Towels: Are great for drying us after a shower but they also remove dead skin cells with each

movement along with bacteria and possibly even Staphylococcal infections.


5. Kitchen sponges: Trap food particles in their crevasses. Moist and dark they are ideal for

breeding grounds for bacteria.


6. Bedding: Pillows can be home to several types of allergy-inflaming fungi and with eight

hours sweating, shedding skin and drooling they can also be a welcoming home to dust

mites. Sheets are equally a risk, particularly when some warm nights can result in one litre

of sweat being soaked up.


For more information on keeping a clean home, contact 360 Cleaning Services on 01733 302912 or

go to www.360cs.co.uk

2 Years and cleaning….

2 Years and cleaning….

2 years and cleaning. As of the 1st December 2016, 360 Services Group Ltd turned 2 years old. The first two years of any business is the hardest they say, well we’ve quite enjoyed it and are looking forward to the continual growth of the company. From cleaning schools in…

A 360 Approach To Builders Cleans

A 360 Approach To Builders Cleans

Builders Cleans in Peterborough, Stamford, surrounding areas and beyond.

Over the course of 2016 360 Services Group have completed many commercial and domestic builders cleans. These cleans have covered developments in Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. We have worked succesfully for local government developments, commerical developers and individual projects.

After building work cleaning involves the cleaning of dust, paint marks and other construction related dirt. There is no shortage of cleaning companies specialising in this type of construction cleaning with property development on the increase. The important thing is choosing the right company and not going for the cheapest builders cleaning service you are quoted.


What is the difference between builders clean and after builders clean?

-A builders clean is usually carried out while a construction project or building development is underway or coming to an end. It tends to be an ongoing cleaning service and will require certain health and safety regulations to be met.

-An after builders clean, as the name suggests, is when the building work is completed and the development requires a final clean before occupancy or handover. Most of the heavy cleaning will have been carried out and this is more of a sparkle clean.


What does builders cleaning include?

Here is just a few examples of the detail involved in a build clean.

  • Cleaning all the dust and debris left behind from construction work

  • Scraping of built up residue

  • Polishing of stainless steel

  • Washing and polishing all internal and external window surfaces

  • Removal of paint marks from door frames and window frames

  • Dusting of blinds and furniture

  • External cleaning of patios and window ledges

  • Dusting of light fixtures and fitting

  • Removal of grout stains on tiling


Pricing Of A build clean

How much you pay for your builders cleaning will vary depending on the size and scope of the work involved. Most reputable companies will ask to come out and carry out an inspection of the building site. This enables them to assess the level of work involved and any non-standing cleaning equipment that will be required

Owing to the nature of the work builders cleaning is often more expensive than standard domestic or commercial cleaning. This is due to the cleaners needing to use industrial heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, specialist equipment and safety ladder or towers.


Health and safety requirements

For builders cleaning most construction companies require the cleaning company to provide the following:

  • Public and Employers Liability insurance up to £5 million

  • Cleaning operatives trained in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

  • Dedicated Health and Safety Advisor

  • Regularly audited health and safety policies

  • Use of PPE (Personal Protective Clothing) such as steel toe boots, hard hats, gloves and glasses


Words Of Advice

Don’t be persuaded by just price. Make sure you talk to the cleaning company on the phone and arrange for a site inspection. Always ask to see important documentation like a health and safety policy and insurance documents.


Please call 01733 302 912 or contact us here

A 360 news update – January 2016 Edition

We are now well in to our second year of operation and would like to bring you up to date with what’s happening in the world of 360……..



Over the last six months we’ve added many additional services to our general cleaning. We are now pleased to offer the following specialised cleaning services;

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • House clearance service

  • Roof cleaning and lichen removal

  • Supply of consumables

  • Waste management

  • Solar panel cleaning


On December 1st 2014 we started cleaning in Peterborough alone, we now are regularly cleaning in the following areas;

  • Stamford

  • Bourne

  • Ryhall

  • Oundle

  • Holme

  • Alwalton

  • Market Deeping

  • Easton On The Hill

  • Spalding

In total we are now holding over 80 keys and cleaning for over 130 domestic customers. We are providing these customers with bespoke weekly, fortnightly or four weekly cleaning services.



In the last six months we have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of commercial cleaning we are providing. This ranges from one off office cleans to daily cleans. We are now regularly providing cleaning services for over 30 commercial customers.

As an additional benefit to our client base we are now regularly supplying soap dispensers,  toilet and hand paper. We offer the facility to install these facilities and replenish stock as and when required coinciding with our cleaning visits.



We are really excited about our next piece of news…………

We can officially announce that the second branch of 360 Services Group Ltd is now fully set up and will commence regular cleaning on the 1st February. The operation will be run following the same model as our Peterborough office, and will be serving Burnley, Colne, Accrington and its surrounding areas.


We have recently taken on three new staff members taking our onsite members in to double figures. Due to an increase in the level of work we have received, we are delighted to welcome Faye, Alanda & Kylie to our growing 360 family.


We have proudly become partners in the community with the British Heart Foundation. We will be involved in several events and fundraisers to support this established and well know charity.

One event in particular that will see our staff and uniform turn Red for the day takes place on February 5th.  We will be providing regular updates on here about events we will be supporting and the amounts we have raised.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a prosperous 2016.

360 join the fight against heart failure

360 join the fight against heart failure

360 Services Group in Peterborough announced its support of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) today, by fundraising for the Heart Research Charity which is taking the fight to heart failure and funding regenerative medicine research.

Heart failure occurs when so much heart muscle is damaged by a heart attack that the heart can’t pump blood around the body as well as it should. Living with heart failure can be terrifying and can cause prolonged suffering. Simple tasks, such as having a shower, doing the shopping or playing with the children, become a real struggle. Three quarters of people with severe heart failure will not live beyond five years.

James Dawson from 360 Services Group Ltd said, “It’s our first birthday at 360 Services Group and we are delighted to celebrate by supporting the British Heart Foundation. Too many people are living with the devastating effects of heart failure. Knowing there could be a cure is amazing and we want to play our part to fund research for the BHF. We hope our involvement will inspire other companies and individuals to play their part as well by making a donation or putting on a fundraising event.”

Nigel Cole, BHF Fundraising Manager, said: “Our scientists are making great strides in this fight against heart failure, but success will require much more money and much more research to ensure that this momentum is not lost. Thanks to companies like 360 Services Group we can continue to fund ground breaking research. We hope people Peterborough will support us by encouraging their workplace to support the BHF or hold a fundraising event.”

The BHF is powered by research and needs to raise millions of pounds to prevent the devastating suffering inflicted by heart failure. Support the BHF in whatever way you can, from getting your company involved, to taking part in a sponsored walk or a thrilling skydive, hold a speed-dating evening or spend a night in a haunted castle – fundraising can be fun and is really a chance to do your own thing. You can support the BHF at work, school, university or your local club, so try and get your favorite group of people involved.

For more information about organising a fundraising event for the BHF please contact Nigel Cole 07734 072973 or colen@bhf.org.uk for more information about the BHF, visit bhf.org.uk. Join the BHF and fight for every heartbeat.

360 Cleaning Services sparkle using ABAX

360 Cleaning Services sparkle using ABAX

360 Services Group are very happy with the ABAX Triplog system, after saving around £1,100 over the two vehicles that we have the system installed on. We use it to monitor vehicle movements allowing us to better understand our business and associated travel expenses. In addition, it provides us with an easy way of ensuring compliance with HM Revenue and Customs.

360 Services Group are a commercial and domestic cleaning service based in Peterborough and serving the city and surrounding areas. We have equipped two of our vehicles with the Triplog and are seeing the benefits. In addition to the physical savings, we have seen the non financial benefits such as the reduced environmental impact and increase in customer service we can offer.

Simon Howitt, Director of 360 Services Group, stated that “ABAX has helped us to better understand our routing and journeys allowing us to provide our staff with improved daily scheduling that reduces the amount of miles covered and time wasted with travelling and traffic. It has also enabled us to provide better feedback to clients as to the arrival times of the teams to the individual properties. This all allows us to offer the best service we can and sets us apart from our competitors.”

“We have achieved cost savings based not only on fuel and labour but also on the more indirect costs like tyres, servicing and insurance. It has also allowed us to reduce our CO2 footprint which is a key principal for us and the development of the business.”

Bruce Parker, Sales Representative at ABAX said that: “We acknowledged straight away that 360 Services Group main needs were to track their vehicles to monitor the mileage. Not only did this save them money as a company, it ensured that they were compliant with the HMRC regulations. This is important as HMRC are clamping down on incorrect vehicle usage.”

360 Black Friday Services

360 Black Friday Services

November 27, 2015Peterborough, UncategorizedBy Simon Howitt

This is a little bit of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ but…as we offer personalised cleaning services we thought it appropriate to offer everyone a personalised ‘Black Friday Offer’

Simply contact us through our website or call 01733 302 912 with your cleaning requirements and we will provide a personalised discount to the specific work required.

An exclusive offer to all in Peterborough, Bourne, Stamford, Deeping and there surrounding area.

A list of our services are as follows…

  • Domestic Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Upholstery Clean
  • Specialist Floor Cleaning/Polishing/Buffering
  • One Off Cleans

we clean so you don’t have to…

Carpet Cleaning – Essential Service In Your Home And Business

Carpet Cleaning – Essential Service In Your Home And Business

We’ve now completed over 120 carpet cleaning jobs on a commercial and domestic basis in Peterborough, Stamford, Bourne, Market Deeping and its surrounding areas over the past six months. Here are some interesting facts and information regarding the importance of cleaning your carpets.

  1. Did you know carpet plays an important role in improving the indoor air quality? It actually acts as a filter and traps all the circulating particles that are pulled by gravity to carpeted flooring. But if the carpets are saturated, the filtering benefits are reduced. Therefore, carpet cleaning and rug cleaning is necessary for a better indoor air quality.

  2. Dust mites are a problem worth considering. Around 70% of the people suffer from dust allergies. The reason behind dust allergies is dust mites. They feed on microscopic fragments of human skin cells. A person normally sheds around 50 million skin cells per day, dust mites can easily grow with an abundant food supply. Carpets are the most common place where these dust mites can grow. They grow easily due to the warm feeling and enough food supply as skin cells get easily accumulated in the carpets.

  3. Simply vacuuming the carpets is not enough to remove the accumulated food particles, soils, pollen, and other contaminants. This is where the need for the professional carpet cleaning comes in. We have an amazing range of industry leading machines that can suck the accumulated filth from the carpets. We are aware of the different carpet cleaning processes that need to be implemented to ensure that the carpets are clean, thoroughly clean.

For your carpet cleaning needs please contact us for help. We can clean the carpets from deep within the pile to help improve the indoor air quality of your home or office.

360 Services Group clean carpets using different methods. This takes care of your allergies, cleaning needs and provides a better and healthier carpet. We can ensure that the carpets look beautiful and stain free. Some typical hard stains removed are those such as nail varnish, fruit juice, water colours, wines and coffee stains. One key factor is the timing the sooner it is cleaned the more likely it is that the cleaning will restore the carpets to their original look.

How To Clean (And Carve) Your Pumpkin

How To Clean (And Carve) Your Pumpkin

You know Halloween is close when the pumpkins appear in supermarkets and shops………..

Aside from our usual cleaning service of homes and offices in Peterborough, Stamford, Bourne and its surrounding areas we have a useful and current cleaning tip for you all.

To create your own scary masterpiece out of Pumpkins, you have to start with a clean canvass. Although here at 360 Services Group Ltd we don’t provide this service, we felt it would be helpful to our readers to offer some advice.

  • The first tip is that room temperature pumpkins are easiest to clean. Initially give your pumpkin a soapy warm bath and scrub in your kitchen sink. The key secret to cleaning is to start from the bottom and work your way up (unlike our normal methods when cleaning homes and offices).

  • Next, flip the pumpkin on its side to expose its base. Cut a large circle in the bottom of the pumpkin. Ensure the opening is big enough to reach easily inside. Next, carefully remove your cut up bottom using a knife to pry it out. Use your knife to level out the bottom of your cut up. This way, a candle can rest easily inside.

  • A large ice cream scoop works great to get the guts out. Dig in with your hands. It’s messy and slimy, just as Halloween should be. Set aside any seeds to clean and toast should you wish to treat yourself to a healthy snack.

  • To finish up, use a blunt knife to smooth the inside walls. Then use a spoon to scoop away the remains. All done. Just like that, your pumpkin is ready to become your Halloween masterpiece.

Now that you’ve created all that mess and you need your kitchen cleaning, feel free to contact us on 01733 302 912 or through our form on the website.

Happy Halloween!!

360 Cleaning Services Joins The FSB

360 Cleaning Services Joins The FSB

October 14, 2015360 Business, PeterboroughBy Simon Howitt

Recently ,after reviewing the status of the company, following 6 months of trading, we decided that we needed to find an avenue for us to seek advice and support in relation to our growing venture. Due to the rapid growth, acquisition ofmany new commercial cleaning contracts and also the increase in domestic cleaning customers we felt it would be beneficial for us to have an organisation we could rely on to provide us with sound advice, business policies and legal support.

We now employ over 9 team members that are serving in excess of 120 customers on a regular basis. We are cleaning in Peterborough, Bourne, Stamford, The Deepings, and its surrounding areas, and on average our cleaners are totalling nearly 200 hours a week. Our next blog/news update will feature more details about where we are as we approach the end of our first year of business.

After spending time researching our options we decided that joining the federation of small business (FSB) was the correct avenue for our company requirements.  The FSB is the UKs Leading Business Organisation and has been supporting businesses for over 40 years and has over 200,000 members. A brief example of the benefits to our business is as follows

  • Legal Protection Scheme
  • Employment Law Advice
  • Health & Safety Law Advice
  • Health Care Advice
  • Financial Health Check

The benefits to our company also ensure that our customers are receiving a more complete service from us, ensuring that our practices are correct and efficient.

Within the FSB there are numerous benefits for our employees as well and we appreciate the value and contribution of our cleaning personnel to the ongoing success of our business.

We look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with the FSB and are excited at the strength it will give our business that will be in the long term passed on to our employees and customers.


On Your Bike – Suds and 360 Supporting the BHF Charity Bike Ride

On Your Bike – Suds and 360 Supporting the BHF Charity Bike Ride

Recently we volunteered our time to the British Heart Foundation to help out with the annual Peterborough Bike Ride Fundraiser.

We were appointed to the marshalling point at Fotheringhay where the 25 and 50 miler’s met. Kitted out with our BHF red jacket and huge red foam pointing finger. We directed cyclists to the final 15 miles of their rides back towards their starting point, Ferry Meadows.

Around 120 local people took part in raising money for the national charity and we were proud to be a part of it. Cyclists were grateful for the offer of water to rehydrate them, in particular Kelly & Michael from Chrysallis Consulting (coincidentally one of our regular customers) and to see us pointing them in the right direction down Fotheringhay road.

Nigel Cole is the main contact for Peterborough’s British Heart Foundation connections and along with the help of Jamie Johannes, a very successful event was held. The Peterborough Bike Ride raises money to help fund cutting edge heart health research by the British Heart Foundation. For more details feel free to check out http://bikeridepeterborough-bhf.co.uk.

Well done to everyone who took part and to those involved in the event organisation. We look forward to being involved next year and maybe even taking part.

‘SUDS’ – Our new team member

‘SUDS’ – Our new team member

We recently introduced a new member into the 360 Cleaning Services team and led with a competition to name him. We are delighted to announce that Paula from Hampton in Peterborough suggested the name ‘Suds’ which has been voted as the winning name.

Paula has now won a free oven clean for her thoughtful and original idea in naming him ‘Suds’.

Suds is now featured in the comic strip above which illustrates the day to day work of 360 Cleaning in Peterborough and its surrounding areas. We hope you enjoy it and would like to take this opportunity to thank Inspired Studios and James for their creativity.

‘Suds’ and the rest of the team look forward to cleaning an office, showroom or home near you very soon.

FREE OVEN CLEAN – Name our new recruit

FREE OVEN CLEAN – Name our new recruit

We have another new team member to introduce to you here at 360 Cleaning Services, although we do need your help in naming him.  We’ve decided to run a competition for a week from 4th May 2015, for anyone to enter, to win a free single oven and grill pan clean. Simply just let us know what you think his name should be.

The character has recently been created by inspired studios of Peterborough and will be featured through our social media and other promotional campaigns. It will also be the new face of our regular feature cleaning tip Tuesday alongside Peterboroughs very own Queen of clean Lynsey Crombie.

The competition will be open until midnight on Monday 11th May 2015. The unveiling of the winning name will be announced on Tuesday 12th 2015 where the character will be featured in its very own comic strip.

You can enter through the following methods;

Facebook page – www.facebook.com/360csltd

Twitter – www.twitter.com/360csltd

Website – www.360cs.co.uk/contact

We look forward to all your name ideas and wish you the best of luck.

158 Performance & 360 Cleaning Services, An Exciting Partnership

158 Performance & 360 Cleaning Services, An Exciting Partnership

360 Services Group Ltd are pleased to announce that we have recently secured a contract to provide the weekly cleaning services at the premises of 158 performance in Tallington near Stamford. 158 Performance are the UKs largest Power Sports Dealer, stocking all manner of products from jet skis and boats to quad bikes and spyder trikes. They are also the UK distributer of scarab jet boats, flyboard and hover board.

At 158’s workshop they build, upgrade, provide parts, repair, tune and service all of their products. They also sell clothing and accessories to go with new and used vehicles they provide. Based in Lincolnshire, it is perfectly placed to service the entire UK. They have an extensive showroom and workshops, even their very own 45 acre lake where they provide RYA training, Jet ski membership, day launch and experience days. They also now supply hydropool hot tubs.

This exciting partnership includes the cleaning of their reception and entrance area, main showroom, meeting rooms, office and desk spaces, as well as the communal areas, staff kitchen and toilet/washroom area. Since the inception of the contract the scope of works has changed to include the additional showroom space aquired as part of 158’s recent expansion. From the outset we have put together a bespoke cleaning service and schedule with the needs of 158 Performance at the heart, taking into account such things as useage, hours and working around the valuable showroom displays and equipment.

360 Services Group are pleased to be working with Matt & James from 158 Performance and look forward to a long term relationship between our two companies. 158 Performance is an exciting business to work in partnership with and they supply an adrenaline filled array of products that we would encourage anyone to go and view at their Tallington showroom.

For more information on how we can provide your business with a professional cleaning service please feel free to get in touch by calling 01733 302 912 via email at info@360servicesgroup.co.uk or via the contact page on our website.

Domestic cleaning service video

For a quick overview of our domestic services please take a look at our new preview video, we clean so you dont have to……


With most of us leading busier lives than ever it’s no surprise that more households are turning to professional cleaning firms like 360 cleaning services.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different so are happy to offer a bespoke quotation just for you.  However, to simplify matters, we can break our domestic cleaning into two levels of service.

Standard Clean:

  • Damp wipe/dust window frames, doors, door frames & radiators
  • Clean internal windows
  • All light switches & sockets cleaned
  • Clean all woodwork
  • Door handles disinfected

Total Clean:

Includes all of the above plus:

  • Damp wipe/dust window frames, doors, door frames & radiators
  • Clean internal windows
  • All light switches & sockets cleaned
  • Clean all woodwork
  • Door handles disinfected

Thinking about hiring a domestic cleaner?

Thinking about hiring a domestic cleaner?

Are you think about hiring a domestic cleaning service for your home? Perhaps you’re on the fence and are still deciding if the expense is worth it in the long run, or perhaps you are wary of security and letting people you’re your home, be it occupied or not. Here is why we think that hiring a domestic cleaner on a regular basis (be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly) is a good idea…


Millions of UK households already have regular domestic cleaners

According to a survey undertaken by Churchill Home Insurance over six million households in the UK currently hire a domestic cleaner to help with chores around the home because they dislike housework or don’t have the time.

Having a domestic cleaner help out at your home throughout the year is no longer a privilege for the rich. It might just be that you are a busy at work or are simply unable to do as much housework as you used to.


Get the job done properly

You should not underestimate an experienced domestic cleaner and the results they can achieve. Hiring a professional company like 360 cleaning services means the person cleaning your home is trained, insured and provided with the best professional products.

Working to a bespoke specification for your property allows the cleaners to work efficiently while providing results that will exceed your expectations.


Spend your free time on the things that matter

After a long day at work, the last thing on your mind is more work cleaning, tidying up mess or tackling that growing ironing pile. Living in a dirty, cluttered house can be a depressing situation adding unnecessary stress whilst wasting your free time.

Why not come home to a clean home and spend those hours planning something that matters? Hiring a domestic cleaner can help give you back that valuable weekend time allowing you to spend quality time relaxing or being with your family and friends


Enjoy a clean, healthy and spacious home

Dust, dirt, stains, hair clinging onto the furniture and floors of your home are both ugly to look at whilst posing a health risk in the future from the spread of various diseases by viruses or bacteria.

A professionally trained domestic cleaner will do a thorough clean of your property at the agreed time and according to your requirements. The result is a clean, fresh home in which you can relax and unwind in.


To find out more information on how 360 Cleaning Services can help please contact us on 01733 302912, via email info@360cs.co.uk or via the website www.360cs.co.uk/contact

Here at 360 Cleaning services we can provide a cleaner and cleaning services in Peterborough, Stamford, Market Deeping, Spalding and surrounding areas.

Client Review ( Carpet Clean ) – Colin, Peterborough

Client Review ( Carpet Clean ) – Colin, Peterborough

We were contacted by a couple that had recently moved home and wanted to see if it was possible to ‘save’ some of the carpets in their new home. We carried out cleaning of carpets to stairs, landings and bedroom. Here is what they had to say about our service.


“Very prompt response to our enquiry and very appreciative of it . Very professionally represented by Simon Howitt . Took photographs and presented a very reasonably priced quotation . Gave us a choice of dates .A lady duly arrived on time and with all the right materials to deal with our carpets . She had obviously been well briefed . Very friendly and approachable and above all very thorough . Gave good advice on conditions for achieving as quick a drying time as possible . The result was very pleasing bearing in mind we had thought about replacing it !

Excellent result for us and hopefully a good advertisement for 360 Cleaning Services . Good luck to them.”


It was great to be able to help them out and provide some fantastic results. 360 Cleaning Services, we clean so you don’t have to