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360 Services Group are very happy with the ABAX Triplog system, after saving around £1,100 over the two vehicles that we have the system installed on. We use it to monitor vehicle movements allowing us to better understand our business and associated travel expenses. In addition, it provides us with an easy way of ensuring compliance with HM Revenue and Customs.

360 Services Group are a commercial and domestic cleaning service based in Peterborough and serving the city and surrounding areas. We have equipped two of our vehicles with the Triplog and are seeing the benefits. In addition to the physical savings, we have seen the non financial benefits such as the reduced environmental impact and increase in customer service we can offer.

Simon Howitt, Director of 360 Services Group, stated that “ABAX has helped us to better understand our routing and journeys allowing us to provide our staff with improved daily scheduling that reduces the amount of miles covered and time wasted with travelling and traffic. It has also enabled us to provide better feedback to clients as to the arrival times of the teams to the individual properties. This all allows us to offer the best service we can and sets us apart from our competitors.”

“We have achieved cost savings based not only on fuel and labour but also on the more indirect costs like tyres, servicing and insurance. It has also allowed us to reduce our CO2 footprint which is a key principal for us and the development of the business.”

Bruce Parker, Sales Representative at ABAX said that: “We acknowledged straight away that 360 Services Group main needs were to track their vehicles to monitor the mileage. Not only did this save them money as a company, it ensured that they were compliant with the HMRC regulations. This is important as HMRC are clamping down on incorrect vehicle usage.”