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360 Services Group in Peterborough announced its support of the British Heart Foundation (BHF) today, by fundraising for the Heart Research Charity which is taking the fight to heart failure and funding regenerative medicine research.

Heart failure occurs when so much heart muscle is damaged by a heart attack that the heart can’t pump blood around the body as well as it should. Living with heart failure can be terrifying and can cause prolonged suffering. Simple tasks, such as having a shower, doing the shopping or playing with the children, become a real struggle. Three quarters of people with severe heart failure will not live beyond five years.

James Dawson from 360 Services Group Ltd said, “It’s our first birthday at 360 Services Group and we are delighted to celebrate by supporting the British Heart Foundation. Too many people are living with the devastating effects of heart failure. Knowing there could be a cure is amazing and we want to play our part to fund research for the BHF. We hope our involvement will inspire other companies and individuals to play their part as well by making a donation or putting on a fundraising event.”

Nigel Cole, BHF Fundraising Manager, said: “Our scientists are making great strides in this fight against heart failure, but success will require much more money and much more research to ensure that this momentum is not lost. Thanks to companies like 360 Services Group we can continue to fund ground breaking research. We hope people Peterborough will support us by encouraging their workplace to support the BHF or hold a fundraising event.”

The BHF is powered by research and needs to raise millions of pounds to prevent the devastating suffering inflicted by heart failure. Support the BHF in whatever way you can, from getting your company involved, to taking part in a sponsored walk or a thrilling skydive, hold a speed-dating evening or spend a night in a haunted castle – fundraising can be fun and is really a chance to do your own thing. You can support the BHF at work, school, university or your local club, so try and get your favorite group of people involved.

For more information about organising a fundraising event for the BHF please contact Nigel Cole 07734 072973 or colen@bhf.org.uk for more information about the BHF, visit bhf.org.uk. Join the BHF and fight for every heartbeat.