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We’ve now completed over 120 carpet cleaning jobs on a commercial and domestic basis in Peterborough, Stamford, Bourne, Market Deeping and its surrounding areas over the past six months. Here are some interesting facts and information regarding the importance of cleaning your carpets.

  1. Did you know carpet plays an important role in improving the indoor air quality? It actually acts as a filter and traps all the circulating particles that are pulled by gravity to carpeted flooring. But if the carpets are saturated, the filtering benefits are reduced. Therefore, carpet cleaning and rug cleaning is necessary for a better indoor air quality.

  2. Dust mites are a problem worth considering. Around 70% of the people suffer from dust allergies. The reason behind dust allergies is dust mites. They feed on microscopic fragments of human skin cells. A person normally sheds around 50 million skin cells per day, dust mites can easily grow with an abundant food supply. Carpets are the most common place where these dust mites can grow. They grow easily due to the warm feeling and enough food supply as skin cells get easily accumulated in the carpets.

  3. Simply vacuuming the carpets is not enough to remove the accumulated food particles, soils, pollen, and other contaminants. This is where the need for the professional carpet cleaning comes in. We have an amazing range of industry leading machines that can suck the accumulated filth from the carpets. We are aware of the different carpet cleaning processes that need to be implemented to ensure that the carpets are clean, thoroughly clean.

For your carpet cleaning needs please contact us for help. We can clean the carpets from deep within the pile to help improve the indoor air quality of your home or office.

360 Services Group clean carpets using different methods. This takes care of your allergies, cleaning needs and provides a better and healthier carpet. We can ensure that the carpets look beautiful and stain free. Some typical hard stains removed are those such as nail varnish, fruit juice, water colours, wines and coffee stains. One key factor is the timing the sooner it is cleaned the more likely it is that the cleaning will restore the carpets to their original look.