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How To Keep A Clean Office

With today’s busy schedules, keeping your home clean and tidy is becoming increasingly difficult. This is true even more so when it comes to an office or workspace, where paper work, files, and other office equipment can rapidly accumulate on desks and other areas. Organisations who are serious about maintaining a clean office often encourage employees to understand its importance, develop paper management systems, limit pictures, and organise books. Companies who attempt these techniques and still experience difficulty in keeping a clean office may consider hiring an office cleaning service, for those in Peterborough and the surrounding areas this could be 360 Cleaning Services.


Understand The Importance Of A Clean Office

Keeping an office clean can not only be an effective way to save time, but also portrays an image of professionalism to potential clients. For companies with multiple offices, cleaning can seem especially intimidating. As described above, those who are new to the process may want to consider hiring an office building cleaning service like 360 Cleaning Services.


Develop A Management System

The task of office cleaning is an unpopular task for many busy employees. One of the easiest ways to prevent stress and decrease hours of work when it comes to office cleaning is to implement an effective paper management system. While an effective a paper management system may take time to develop, it is essential when it comes to the process of streamlining office building cleaning.


Limit The Number Of Pictures

To ensure a clean office, pictures should also be kept in check. In most cases, this is one of the most unpopular parts of office building cleaning, as many individuals will be unwilling to part with photos of family and/or friends. According to some researchers, however, more than three or four photos on ones’ desk can prove to be a distraction.


Dispose Of Food

Regular disposal of food storage containers should be a no-brainer. Fast food bags, plastic utensils, and storage containers are not only unsightly, but in many cases can be left containing food resulting in mould and unsanitary conditions. Unfortunately, in some cases, especially busy employees may not have time to perform this task themselves and instead, it often becomes a responsibility of office cleaners.


Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

Office cleaning services can be based on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Companies who are interested in hiring office cleaning services may want to speak with colleagues in the field to obtain references or recommendations. When hiring for multiple sites, cleaning services may be able to offer a group or reduced rate.


Here at 360 Cleaning Services we understand the importance of maintaining a clean office environment. We offer a bespoke service tailored to your exact requirements, during our consultation we will discuss with you your aspirations and needs from a cleaning service along with carrying out a full site survey. This enables us to provide you with high quality service that suits both your working environment as well as your budget. We don’t just stop at cleaning we offer a full service including janitorial supplies, washroom servicing (sanitary disposal units, air freshener units, water management systems, soap dispensers, hand dryers) waste management, electrical maintenance and other facilities management roles. Our commercial office flyer can be downloaded here 360 Commercial Flyer Office


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