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Recently we volunteered our time to the British Heart Foundation to help out with the annual Peterborough Bike Ride Fundraiser.

We were appointed to the marshalling point at Fotheringhay where the 25 and 50 miler’s met. Kitted out with our BHF red jacket and huge red foam pointing finger. We directed cyclists to the final 15 miles of their rides back towards their starting point, Ferry Meadows.

Around 120 local people took part in raising money for the national charity and we were proud to be a part of it. Cyclists were grateful for the offer of water to rehydrate them, in particular Kelly & Michael from Chrysallis Consulting (coincidentally one of our regular customers) and to see us pointing them in the right direction down Fotheringhay road.

Nigel Cole is the main contact for Peterborough’s British Heart Foundation connections and along with the help of Jamie Johannes, a very successful event was held. The Peterborough Bike Ride raises money to help fund cutting edge heart health research by the British Heart Foundation. For more details feel free to check out http://bikeridepeterborough-bhf.co.uk.

Well done to everyone who took part and to those involved in the event organisation. We look forward to being involved next year and maybe even taking part.