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Keeping overheads to a minimum is part and parcel of running a business; making sure expenses don’t spiral and that the headcount is proportionate to the level of business. However, many businesses would agree there is one area where cutbacks can be damaging, and that’s daily office cleaning and hygiene services.

Most successful business leaders and owners would agree that positive word of mouth referrals from happy customers is an essential marketing tool. The first impression of your company relies on a number of different factors – the knowledge and helpfulness of your staff, the price of your products, your after-sales service and so on. However recent studies suggest that the cleanliness of your premises is also an important factor in how the customer perceives your business. If your place of work is seen as unclean, customers may be less likely to recommend you.

The growth of social media has witnessed many businesses fail due to negative comments from customers. So, it’s more important than ever to focus closely on this aspect of your business as it doesn’t require huge investment to get right.

A daily and weekly cleaning routine is essential. This is why so many companies hire contract cleaners to perform these jobs outside of normal business hours. Vacuuming carpets, emptying bins, cleaning toilets and wash basins and ensuring washroom and toilet supplies are kept “topped up” are just a few of the tasks that should form part of the routine, but you might also want to consider:


  • Cleaning around any window blinds where dust gathers
  • Eradicating germs and dirt from door handles
  • Carefully cleaning computer keyboards, printers and mice, the latter notorious for germs

Outsourcing your cleaning to a professional contract cleaning company should be seen as positive marketing, because it’s all about image . . . your image.