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Following the festive season when our homes have been more heavily occupied than usual, Director

James Dawson highlights the top six dirtiest places that need attention fast.


1. Bathroom: Bath mats are an obvious area for bacteria to flourish. Soaked with shower water

and pressed up against the floor, one of the most contaminated areas in the bathroom, mats

slow evaporation and provide a home for mold and bacteria.


2. The TV remote control: A hygiene study carried out for a hospital found that the remote

control was three times dirtier than anything else in the room.


3. Phones: A potential risk for infection largely dependent upon the personal hygiene of the

owner. One study found that one in six mobile phones to be contaminated with bacteria

normally associated with a toilet.


4. Towels: Are great for drying us after a shower but they also remove dead skin cells with each

movement along with bacteria and possibly even Staphylococcal infections.


5. Kitchen sponges: Trap food particles in their crevasses. Moist and dark they are ideal for

breeding grounds for bacteria.


6. Bedding: Pillows can be home to several types of allergy-inflaming fungi and with eight

hours sweating, shedding skin and drooling they can also be a welcoming home to dust

mites. Sheets are equally a risk, particularly when some warm nights can result in one litre

of sweat being soaked up.


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