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Are you think about hiring a domestic cleaning service for your home? Perhaps you’re on the fence and are still deciding if the expense is worth it in the long run, or perhaps you are wary of security and letting people you’re your home, be it occupied or not. Here is why we think that hiring a domestic cleaner on a regular basis (be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly) is a good idea…


Millions of UK households already have regular domestic cleaners

According to a survey undertaken by Churchill Home Insurance over six million households in the UK currently hire a domestic cleaner to help with chores around the home because they dislike housework or don’t have the time.

Having a domestic cleaner help out at your home throughout the year is no longer a privilege for the rich. It might just be that you are a busy at work or are simply unable to do as much housework as you used to.


Get the job done properly

You should not underestimate an experienced domestic cleaner and the results they can achieve. Hiring a professional company like 360 cleaning services means the person cleaning your home is trained, insured and provided with the best professional products.

Working to a bespoke specification for your property allows the cleaners to work efficiently while providing results that will exceed your expectations.


Spend your free time on the things that matter

After a long day at work, the last thing on your mind is more work cleaning, tidying up mess or tackling that growing ironing pile. Living in a dirty, cluttered house can be a depressing situation adding unnecessary stress whilst wasting your free time.

Why not come home to a clean home and spend those hours planning something that matters? Hiring a domestic cleaner can help give you back that valuable weekend time allowing you to spend quality time relaxing or being with your family and friends


Enjoy a clean, healthy and spacious home

Dust, dirt, stains, hair clinging onto the furniture and floors of your home are both ugly to look at whilst posing a health risk in the future from the spread of various diseases by viruses or bacteria.

A professionally trained domestic cleaner will do a thorough clean of your property at the agreed time and according to your requirements. The result is a clean, fresh home in which you can relax and unwind in.


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