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Deep Clean - 360 Cleaning Services

Deep Clean - 360 Cleaning Services

What does 'deep clean' really mean, what does it include and why should you think about having it done?

360 Services Group are now cleaning approximately 30 properties a day in Peterborough, Stamford, Deeping and their surrounding areas. Due to the recent increased vehicle fleet and trained cleaners we have the capability to complete one off deep cleans either as periodic cleans or before commencement of a regular domestic cleaning service.

A Deep Clean or a Total Clean as we sometimes name it, takes approximately four to five times longer than a standard clean simply because of the level of cleaning and the detail that is undertaken. Our deep clean service includes some of the following tasks on top of our standard service.

- Dust and damp clean wipe of window frames. 
- Dust and damp wipe clean of doors and door frames. 
- Dust and damp wipe clean of radiators. 
- Damp Clean and polish of internal window sills, and windows. 
- Light switches & sockets dusted and damp wipe cleaned. 
- Clean of accessible and exposed pipework.
- Clean of accessible woodwork and furniture. 
- Door handles cleaned, polished and disinfected.

When completing deep cleans around Stamford, Deeping and Peterborough we often service these with 3-4 cleaning team members. There are many reasons and benefits to this service except for the obvious;

1: Hygiene

There’s only so much your regular dusting, vacuuming and mopping can take care of. A deep-clean lets you explore areas that are not visible to the naked eye. It also keeps the ever-multiplying bugs and unwelcome bacteria at bay. Let your home shine and sparkle in a healthy way.

2. Make Your Home Child-Friendly

With many dust particles, toxic substances and harmful bacteria all around your home, kids are more prone to diseases, allergies and infections. If you have children at home, a home deep clean, could be one of your best investments. Once you’ve childproofed your house, let your kids create a mess, get dirty, they’re kids, after all, free play is good for their growth & development. At regular intervals though, get your home deep cleaned without having to worry about it.

3. A Clean Home Creates A Clear Mind

As strange as it may sound, organised homes give way to organised thoughts, neat & clean homes give way to innovative ideas and clearing your house may actually mean clearing your mind. You now know what to do to create a clear mind and how beneficial it can be.

4. Long Term Investment In Your Home

A clean home can speak volumes about your personality and how you live your life. Cleanliness adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your house along with other elements such as décor & furnishings. Also, periodic maintenance by deep cleaning increases the shelf life of your carpets, sofas, curtains and mattresses, etc.

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